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“Sustainable living is everyone’s responsibility.”

* As with any living plant, follow the care instructions to provide the correct conditions for it to thrive. ** Living walls over 100 sq ft require professional installation, service and maintenance contract, and 2-year warranty.  ©2012 EnviWalls, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photos supplied by BrightGreenUSA.

Custom Living Walls
for Home or Office

  1. Improve air quality, reduce noise, save energy and beautify your home or work space – indoor or out.

  1. Fully customizable to accent any size area and decor.

  2. Variety of plants available, including herbs, flowers and succulents (cacti).

  3. Low maintenance – water it like a houseplant.*

  4. Modular, attachable planted panels can be made to fit almost any area. Sizes begin at 18”x8”.

  5. Professional installation, service and maintenance contract, and complete 2-year warranty on qualifying living wall purchases.**

We proudly use products
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Modular, attachable vertical gardening systems
for your home or office – indoor or out!

Low Maintenance • Custom Designs • Affordable Pricing • Great Gifts!

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